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bye bye thornlea.. :(

wow its been over a year since ive been here..
and its been almost FOUR since i entered Thornlea… i remember how i hated it in the beginning.. but now i dont wanna leave!! ok i cant cry about this right now, this entry will be like 20 pages long if i were to do that, and u dont want to read that..
well.. i have my g2 since like a looooong time ago…. and im driving too much now that im actually getting used to it, so its not as exciting anymore 
my brother !! Aidan! remember him? wow he’s getting old.. and cuter every day! hes so big now, he can walk and say mama and baba and "maim" (water) and a few days ago i took him to the park and he was able to push himself down a slide, and of course i taught him to kick a soccer ball  and he also tries to go down stairs like a big boy, and to eat like a big boy with a fork.. hes so funny.. and he is now able to say my name!!! "DEEEE"!! thats me! sometimes he calls me, its soo cute!! hes in the kitchen table, and he wants more food, so he yells "deeeee!! deeeeeee!" and i come and he points at the food and says "app! appp" and awww i think im talkin too much.. so next topic..
a lil bad news… well, except for the fact that ive crashed the car several times and that the only girl that i actually like doesnt like me…theres worse things in the world…. my grandpa passed away in april.. it was pretty sad, ive never seen my dad cry before.. so i went to israel for the funeral and i always knew that he was a great man but i learnt so much about him there, apparently he was like a REALLY big and important man and really smart and he got prizes from Charles de Gaulle (the french general) and from an israeli prime minister.. u can probably google/wikipedia him a bit.. Charley Attali, RIP

actually it wasnt as bad as i thought.. i only cried in the first 2 hours.. and sometiems im even a lil angry at myself that i didnt cry enough..

apparently im a good computer programmer.. i finished top 20 in a national contest.. it was kinda cool..
wait…..actually, its the opposite of cool.. and then i got to go to waterloo for a seocnd stage and it was so fun i played so much soccer and foosball and i jogged a lot and the ppl there were sooo smart but actually not as nerdy as i thought at all, some of them were fun, it was a great 5 day vacation..

prom was like last week.. it was awesome!!!! except that because of after prom everyone left very early and by 9:30 it was basically only me and my friends on the dance floor.. which u would think is fun, but i personally liked it better before when there were like 200 ppl.. not when theres 20.. and the 3 days after prom were like the best days of the whole year but now its all over

now about the future since i dont think ill be posting in here in the next while..
theres like 2 weeks left of school… or 3.. and then graduation! its soo exciting and sad at the same time.. its weird to think ill be in university soon.. oh ya im going to waterloo.. for bioinformatics.. so i guess thats my future
i duno why i chose that.. cuz everyone told me that im good at computer science and cuz i like bio , so comp sci + bio = bioinformatics.. yay…?
well thats just my future, but more importantly, in the summer im going to be camping (twice hopefully) and ill be in israel for a month!! and when im leaving all my friends will be joining the army.. its weird… ill be in university while my friends are in the army… well ill join them in a few years..
oh and i forgot! i went to Virginia, USA in August for a north american Maccabiah, i was obviously on the soccer team.. and weirdly enough we won the gold!! we were the first toronto team to ever win
i tried to make this very brief… it could have been A LOT longer, believe me.. so dont complain
oh ya and i think ill put up some pics today/tomorrow… maybe ill even finally show my friends… well see
and how can i forget about the world cup? less than a week now! go brazil
thats it i guess.. if anyones here, u should really get some more friends 🙂
jk.. reading my blog is "time well wasted" as the comedy channel puts it..
well…. bye!!
עוד חודש בישראל!!!
  1. Susanne
    September 17, 2006 at 9:54 PM

    I\’m really upset that Portugal didn\’t make it to the finals. They have been doing sooooooo good in the past yearand then we got beat by France. France! yeah… oh well at least I can reflect on how entertaining the match between the Dutch and Portugal was… LOL that was one hell ov\’a game!! So yeah. Don\’t stop writing blogs!!! I love reading your blogs. Actually I\’ve read your blogs like 3 times tonight, and witten responses to them( even though it\’s been likeyears since the first few blogs you\’ve written) Yes. I\’m very bored, and very unreluctant to study (even though school just started)
    Your Brother is soooooooo cute! I can\’t believe there are like 5 siblings in you family! That\’s insane. When I met you and you told me about your brother I was thinkin\’ that it was only you and your bro. Not you and 4 other children!! Wow, what skills you must have learned from such an experience. I guess I shouldn\’t be soo amazed. I want 4 kids when I\’m married. Yeah it\’s insane but I want a big family… the only downside is labor(at birth) and the headaches that are bound to happen. Oh well! the more the merrier.
    You know what I just realized? Iwrite more blogs here than in my own myspace. weird :S Oh well maybe I\’d write more in my own space if ppl actually commented on my stuff. Well later days… (or more like wait and see if I have anything to say about the next blog) 😉  

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